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the issue 4 cover contest is closed!
Thank you to all that entered!

What is the Xob cover contest?

Have you ever wanted to draw the cover for a comic book? Now is your chance! Taurus Comics is running a contest to find our next cover artist for Xob the Lightning Wielder issue 4. The winner will be voted on by the fans, so we encourage you to submit your artwork and tell all your friends and family to vote at . The winner will have their artwork featured as the Kickstarter exclusive cover for issue 4! So just scroll down, read the rest of the rules and email your high res picture (at least 300 dpi) to .

Anyone that submits their cover will get a chance to become the official Kickstarter exclusive cover for Xob issue 4. All art levels are encouraged to submit. All entries will be listed on the contest website, and Instagram for people to see and enjoy.

What does the winner get?

  1. The contest winner will receive $150 USD and be featured as the Kickstarter-exclusive cover.

  2. 2nd place will receive $75 USD and will be featured as a pinup in issue 4

  3. 3rd place will receive $35 USD and will be featured as a pinup in issue 4

How do I enter?

 Email your high res picture (at least 300 dpi) to . Once received we will post all valid entries on our IG page (@xobcomic) and our website 

How do I win?

  The winner will be chosen by votes cast at . 1 vote per person. 

Who can enter?

  Anyone can enter, no matter their age or skill level. We hope everyone who can hold a pencil enters. But for you to receive any cash prize you have to have PayPal or Venmo.


  • Voting will end on August 31, 2022, at 11:59 pm Pacific. Winners will be announced on September 1st, 2022

  • The image must be at least 300 dpi. Anything lower can be rejected. 

  • The cover must be 11" x 17" in dimensions in JPG or TIF format.


  • Not too much gore. The book is for ages 10 and up.

  • The cover can be black and white or color.

  • The cover has to feature Xob. You can add your own character if you like, but Xob has to be on the cover as the focal point.

  • If you add your own original character to the cover, Taurus Comics does not own that character and will not be used in future books.

  • Not all entries are guaranteed to win

  • Not all entries are guaranteed to be featured in the comic

  • Not all entries are guaranteed a cash prize​

  • Must have Paypal or Venmo to receive a cash prize

  • A group can submit an entry, but if a group wins, one cash payment of either $150 USD, $75 USD, or $35 USD will be sent to be split between the members of the group.

  • This contest is for the ability of Taurus Comics to use the winning entry as a cover for a Kickstarter-exclusive cover. Once the Kickstarter rewards have been fulfilled, Taurus Comics will not reprint the cover.

  • Any artist who submits an entry allows Taurus Comics first print rights to the image. Once the Kickstarter-exclusive cover has been printed, the artist retains their image rights to use however they choose. 

  • Taurus Comics will notify winning entrants via email ""

  • All entries must be emailed to to officially be entered.

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Who is Xob?

By Michael Watson.jpg

Xob by Michael Watson

Merged with the Hmong lightning god, Xob, Tracy has vowed to use her extraordinary abilities to protect the innocent people of her city and the world. Being a hero isn't always easy, as Tracy struggles to balance being a superhero, going to school, and helping her stringent mother.


Xob issue 1 cover
by David Jaxon & King Bola


Xob issue 2 cover
by David Jaxon
& Federico Sioc Jr


Xob issue 3 cover
by Erwin Ropa
& Federico Sioc Jr

By Christopher Cayco.jpg

Xob by Chris Cayco

By Dan Bethel.png

Xob by Dan Bethel

By Edwin Huang.jpg

Xob by Edwin Huang

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